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Faculty Overview

Dedicated Educators with Real-World Experience

Cambridge College boasts an accomplished faculty comprising dedicated professors and seasoned practitioners who bring their real-world experience to bear in the classroom. Their ability to address current issues and best practices ensures that our students gain the relevant skills and knowledge they can put into action immediately in their workplaces and in their communities.

Our faculty members are more than educators; they are mentors who are responsive to adult learners. They respect the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of their students. With a blend of full-time core faculty and part-time adjunct faculty, Cambridge College offers the exceptional education and training to meet the expectations and opportunities of today’s work environment.

Members of the core faculty hold a special place in the history of the college. In many cases, having been here from the very beginning. As the College has evolved to keep pace with student needs, the core faculty has participated in the shaping of the College’s fundamental values and its programs, curriculum, and courses to meet the distinct mission of the College. In addition, they provide leadership and standards for academic programs to be delivered at the highest level of quality in each School.

Our adjunct faculty members are also versatile and up-to-date concerning the issues and opportunities in the market today. They serve in roles that range from administrative to academic across all of our schools and regional centers, and they play a crucial role in expanding the capacity of the College. Their commitment to our mission is evidenced in the long-term relationship many adjunct faculty have with the College.

Our faculty and staff are available, accessible and eager to offer advice and assistance. They are passionate about their jobs and take great pride in inspiring and shaping the next generation of professionals, community leaders, and scholars.

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