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Reed , Joseph Crawford

Core Faculty
University of Wisconsin / Madison
School Affiliation

Cambridge College School of Management

Academic Focus

Leadership and management studies

Community Involvement

United Way of Massachusetts Bay:

  • Member, Allocations Coordinating Committee
  • Chair, Metro-West Needs Assessment Task Force
  • Member, Affirmative Action Task Force
  • Member, Task Force for the One Million Dollar Initiative
  • Chair, Allocations Subcommittee, Community and Youth Development Committee
  • Member, Task Force on Services for Teens

Member, Board of Directors and Treasurer, Victory House, Inc.

Chair, State of Massachusetts Employee Campaign Committee (appointed by the State Secretary for Administration and Finance)


Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin / Madison - Political science/public administration
M.A. - University of Wisconsin / Madison - Political science/public administration
B.A. - Texas Southern University / Houston - Political science with minor in economics

Professional Experience

Dr. Joseph Crawford Reed is currently a Professor of Management in the School of Management at Cambridge College. He previously served as Vice President for Academic Affairs at Cambridge College. Dr. Reed has been a professor of leadership and management studies and has educated managers for over 30 years. Dr. Reed has been a member of the faculty at the University of Massachusetts/Boston and at Northeastern University, where he served as director of the Master of Public Administration Program. Before being appointed to Dean for Academic Affairs and then Vice President for Academic Affairs at Cambridge College, he served as Chair for the Department of Management and led the College's effort to receive authorization for the Master of Management degree.

In his role as Chief Academic Officer and leader of the faculty, Dr. Reed organized a highly successful decennial visit of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in 2005. Under his leadership, the College continues its commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning, the documentation and assessment of student learning, the transformation of instruction through the integration of technology in instruction, and the continued development of faculty. The scope of the academic plans and future achievements are reflected in the College's Academic Master Plan 2005-2010.


Awards & Recognitions
  • University of Massachusetts, Distinguished Scholars Award
  • Acres Homes Civic Association, Houston, TX, Outstanding Achievement in Education Award
Research & Publications

"Requirements for Developing and Sustaining Successful Business/Government Partnerships: a Framework for Analysis." (The results of this research were presented at the Urban Affairs Association Conference, 1987)

"Private Sector Influence of Municipal Policy Through the Assigning of Municipal Credit Ratings: a Case Study of Public and Private Sector Interaction."

"Municipal Credit Ratings: a Multivariate Analysis of Non-Financial Rating Characteristics."

"The Influence of Non-Financial Factors in Municipal Rating Processes: a Comparative Study of Credit Rating Processes in Detroit and Houston."