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Updated April 1, 2021

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Susan Ifill

Susan IfillWho or what has inspired you?

Every woman of color who was told – “no, you can’t”. Starting with my Grandmother who wanted a BA in education after she was married and a mother (she went on to graduate from Boston University in her 40’s), and my mother who was told after contracting polio at the age of 20 that she’d never walk again, wouldn’t be able to finish nursing school, and marriage was going to be less likely (she walked with braces, finished nursing school and became an RN, and was married to the love of her life for 60 years).  When I hear “no”, I hold a mirror up and see the word “on”. So on I go because amazing things await!

What does racial equity and social justice mean to you? 

Racial equity says to me that we are just beginning to explore ways to break the systemic inequities and unfairness that targets groups of people. It’s only the beginning because equity is not equality and equality is the system I seek (see pic below).  As for social justice, it’s an extension of the quest for equality in my rights within the institutions that create a strong and sustainable society – economic, educational, workplace, housing, and safety.  With both of these – racial equity and social justice, the goal is to start with an individual’s rights for being equal and go from there.

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What is your favorite book, poetry, documentary or other resource on Black history?

The best resources are family stories – it’s a wonderful living documentary!

When I dream in Black,...

I see power, resilience, and creativity – I look forward to returning in the next life with the exact same demographic!