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Dean James Lee delivers presentation on harbor cleanup in China

Cambridge College Dean of Undergraduate Studies James Lee in China discussing large-scale environmental mitigation in aquatic systems

On October 20, 2016, Undergraduate Dean and professor of biology James Lee presented at the Academy of Sciences, Ocean University in Qingdao China.  His talk: “Developing large-scale environmental mitigation projects in aquatic systems” was attended by some of China’s foremost marine researchers and scientists, and included the director of the Qingdao Foreign Experts Affairs Department, Mr. Yu Bingbo; the director of the Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau of Ocean Science, Dr. Liu Xiangdong, and the director of the Qingdao Bureau of the Environment and Sea Protection, Dr. Liu Zan. 

Professor Lee’s presentation detailed the 20-year Boston Harbor cleanup initiative that transformed America’s dirtiest harbor into one of the nation’s greatest environmental success stories.  Special emphasis was placed on the common features shared by Boston Harbor and Jiaozhou Bay and the outer Yellow Sea coast in Qingdao, and what topological, hydrological and pollution-based variables may be contributing to Qingdao’s severe annual algal bloom of Enteromorpha prolifera.  An extensive discussion of the causes algal blooms, environmental dynamics, and environmental protection policy engaged both policy-makers and scientists to investigate potential long-term strategies for improving Qingdao’s aquatic resources.

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