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Posted January 13, 2022

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Changing of licensure laws for Mental Health Counseling

The School of Psychology and Counseling (SOPC) at Cambridge College wishes to inform you of significant changes to the laws governing licensure as a Mental Health Counselor. If you are a Cambridge College student in a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology (CP36), Psychology Studies 36 (PS36), or School Guidance Counseling (SGC48), and you intend to become a licensed Mental Health Counselor, your window of opportunity is closing.  

All of the degrees listed above can lead to a license if you start the licensure completion program in time. Recent changes established by the Board of Allied Mental Health will mean that you must be enrolled in a 60 credit Master’s program, CAGS or other Post-master’s Certificate program before this Summer semester (2017). We offer all of these programs and you may be eligible for additional financial aid.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by enrolling in one of these programs by the Spring 2017 or Summer 2017 semesters, or by transferring into the LMHC60 program before graduating. Students entering a graduate program after this deadline will be required to complete a full 60 credit program, even if you have already completed a less-than-60 credit Master’s degree, if they want to be eligible for licensure.

For more information about this recent regulatory change and to enroll in our CAGS or post-Master’s certificate program please contact Megan Lawler, Assistant Director of Admissions, at 617-873-0254 or via email at Megan is available to assist you with your questions and will help you enroll into a license qualifying program before the deadline.

We look forward to assisting you through these licensure regulations changes.

Niti Seth, Ed.D.
School of Psychology and Counseling

Hugh F. Ferguson, Esq., Ph.D.
Mental Health Licensure Programs