COVID-19 Updates
Updated April 1, 2021

We will continue remote teaching this summer with an expectation to return to classrooms in Fall 2021. See details. 

time exposed photo of headlights in urban center

Che Madyun

Che MadyunWhat program do you teach in?

In the School of Undergraduate Studies, I teach courses in the Human Services program and in the General Studies program. General Studies courses I teach are Theatre, Women’s Studies, and African American Literature.

Who or what has inspired you?

My mother is my main source of inspiration. Other sources of inspiration come from “Roxbury neighborhood leaders/mothers” (Jessie Farrier, Lessie Span, and Sarah Ann Shaw) who encourage me as a community organizer; and dancer/actress Lola Falana, whose Broadway performance inspired me to become a dancer, choreographer, and actress. 

What does racial equity and social justice mean to you?

Racial equity is about giving and receiving equal treatment, opportunities, and respect among people of different races and between people of the same race. Social justice is also about giving and receiving equity but focused more on the social aspects of our life and society. 

What is your favorite book, poetry, documentary, or other resource on Black history?

My favorite documentary is "I Am Not Your Negro."

When I dream in Black...

I see a world where Black people are not discriminated against. A world where Black people are thriving and living fulfilled lives and not having to worry about people in positions of power feeling they need to knock it down or destroy it.