COVID-19 Updates
Updated September 22, 2021

We are now only requiring a CC Vaccination Card for in-seat classes in Mass. See details. 

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Apply for Remote Externships with Leading Companies

male studentThe CCPD is excited to make available to Cambridge College students the opportunity to participate in Remote Externships scheduled to begin on September 7th! 

Companies include: National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, Snapchat, and Facebook

Remote externships are 6-8 week real world virtual experiential learning projects.

Benefits for students

  • A self-paced experience with only a 10-15 hour/week commitment
  • Opportunity to work with an array of Fortune 500 companies
  • Ability to earn online credentials and certificate of completion
  • Access to mentors and training throughout the program
  • Opportunity to enter the talent recruitment pipeline for employment

Application Deadline

September 13, 2021, for the Fall 2021 term. Act quickly to be considered!

Who can apply? 

  • Any Cambridge College 3rd- or 4th-year undergraduate student
  • Any Cambridge College graduate student
  • No restrictions based on age, major, skills, or previous experience
  • International Students are welcome to apply for CPT*

For Marine & Community Conservation Externships with National Geographic or The Nature Conservancy



For Externships with Snapchat, PWC, Facebook, HP and more:



This Remote Externship Program is brought to you through a partnership with Paragon One, a talent development partner serving multiple higher education institutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I apply?

You will only need to submit one application to be eligible for Remote Externships throughout the year.

What makes a competitive application?

  • Attention to detail. Be sure that you’ve reviewed all of the fields and pieces of information required.
  • Make it relevant. The relatedness to your personal goals, skills, and prior experience is important. Be sure to connect the responsibilities of the Remote Externships to what you already know or have done and connect it to your future professional goals.
  • Submit professional resumes/LinkedIn profiles. Be sure to have updated your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect the same experiences and ensure that each include standard best practices.

How can I improve my resume and/or LinkedIn profile?

Contact CCPD Career Services Manager, Irina Galatskaya at for guidance on how to improve your professional/application documents.

When is the start date for the Remote Externship?

The first start date is Monday, March 29, 2021. Future start dates will be scheduled quarterly (in May, July and September) and will be announced once confirmed.

How do I know what Remote Externship is best for me?

Just like with any experiential learning opportunity it is important that you have a genuine interest in it and are motivated to learn about the industry, project, or general skills associated with the experience. With regard to the Remote Externship program, you will want to align your personal interests, academic major, and your career aspirations with the program(s) you prefer to be placed into.

How will applicants be selected for Externships?

All applicants will go through a competitive selection process and will be placed based on skill sets described in the application process. 

What is included in the Remote Externship program?

Remote Externships are 6 weeks long and require 10-15 hours per week.

  • Remote Externships are self-paced and include online video and written training that teach and explain key skills.
  • You’ll be assigned a manager to help you get started and guide you through your program.
  • Weekly meetings with your manager and peers will help keep you on track and complete quality work.
  • Bi-weekly company meetings will be held for you to learn more about the company and its related industry.
  • You’ll have the chance to earn additional rewards and credentials that bolster your professional development and competitiveness in the job market.
  • The Remote Externship is unpaid.

What is the type of work that students are asked to do in their projects?

All of the Remote Externships will be market intelligence/research programs. Each program will include an introductory project as well as a final capstone presentation.

What is the difference between an Internship and a Remote Externship?

Remote Externships are shorter than internships and are more accessible and flexible. Remote Externships are unpaid, 6-8 week experiences that require 10-15 hours of time per week. This time commitment includes training and meeting time, plus asynchronous working time. The Remote Externship is design to optimize for the student's time and other personal and professional commitments. In this Remote Externship program, students are provided end-to-end training on all projects and tasks via the Paragon One Worker Platform.

Traditionally speaking, an internship is a short-term 3-4+ month experience requiring a student to commit to 30+ hours of work a week in an in-person environment. A majority of internship are also paid and include a considerable 1:1 time with managers and professionals at the company. This high-touch and high-access experience makes interns great candidates for full-time employment, which is one of the biggest reasons companies facilitate internships -- to hire the interns immediately after their internship.

What opportunities are there to network with Companies and Employees?

During your Remote Externship, there will be Company Meetings where representatives from the Company will be present and that is your main opportunity to hear and learn from them, and to ask them questions and impress them. If there are other opportunities to network with them like connecting on LinkedIn, you'd need to ask for their permission first. Also, remember that while your Program Manager is a Paragon One team member, they play an important role with our Host Companies. Therefore, treating your time with them as networking will be time well spent.

What opportunities are there to connect and collaborate with peer externs?

There are ample opportunities to connect and collaborate with your peers. You will be joined by your peers in your weekly meetings as well as your company meetings. Additionally, all students will be invited to join a dedicated student community that we host on Discord. The student community consists of all students enrolled in the Remote Externship across all cohorts, not just one cohort. Students are also encouraged to connect and engage with their peers in other ways that work best for their communication style and the needs of their projects.

*Do international students qualify for this opportunity?